• This is where it all begins

    Wet cocoa beans inside the pod
  • The next step is fermenting

    Beans are fermented and dried for export
  • They are then roasted, cracked and winnowed

    Cocoa nibs ready to be ground
  • Days of grinding, refining, conching & tempering

    Chocolate as you know it!

Welcome to Nick's Chocolate, an Australian business dedicated to producing the finest single origin chocolate from all over the World.

Single Origin

Each bar is made from cocoa sourced from a single location, hand crafted to produce the finest single origin dark chocolate possible. Just like wine or coffee, the variety, origin and processes used all determine the chocolate’s unique flavour.
Two Bars

Socially Aware

The cocoa industry helps farmers in third world countries and has the potential to truly grow communities to be self-sufficient and sustainable. Ensuring healthy business practices are taking place is in the best interests of all chocolate lovers!